Sandro Zollinger and the Bellevue team look forward to welcoming you personally to our hotel

Sandro Zollinger is the host and operations manager at the Boutique Hotel Bellevue in Wiesen.

In his gastronomic life, Sandro Zollinger has been able to gain experience all over the world and in all kinds of establishments, from 5-star supérieur hotels to mountain huts.
After his education as a chef and service employee, he held various positions in the kitchen and in service, although working at the front was and still is more his thing.
Over the years, he has completed further training to become a sommelier and a qualified hotelier.

"Me about myself"
Born and raised in Kloten in the flight path of Zurich Airport, I enjoyed a beautiful and interesting childhood. When it came time to look for an apprenticeship, it was already clear to me that the mountains and nature were more my home than the city, and so I decided on an apprenticeship as a chef in Davos. It wasn't long before my standard answer to the question of where I came from was Davos.
Despite many engagements all over Switzerland and internationally, Davos remained my home. I met my wife here and my daughter was born in Davos.

The most important thing for me at the Hotel Bellevue is that friendliness and personality come first.